Useful Sites

The listing of Web sites provided here is intended to give members access to information that may be helpful in various areas. Some of the links are specifically computer related; some are general research sites; while others are specific topic sites. In listing these sites for your convenience, it is not an endorsement by the Club of the subject matter found on them.

Free antivirus software:   All about Avast (including a pointer to a 40% discount for the paid versions). Includes links to all the software that was mentioned in the presentation by Bob from Avast.
Free Spyware protection:       to get Spybot

Links to fix the following virus issues:

Remove the ASK toolbar:

Vosteran virus removal: 

Gate access and Ticket program - Vendini

Computer related sites:   Look for the lowest prices on computer stuff and other items   Find missing software drivers  Get the scoop on current viruses        check your internet speed

General Research